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Temporary sanity;

an exercise in vanity.

9 June 1992
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Hi there. I hope you're well. <3 Welcome to my journal. I don't post here often, but if I do, it tends to be friendslocked, so you can friend me if you'd like to read babbling about fanfiction I'm writing or other diatribes.

1D Tumblr.
That's what makes you beautiful.
I write things, so that's what I talk about most often in my entries. I write RPS almost exclusively, and my predominant fandom is currently One Direction. I co-maintain the LJ community for YouTube slash, and we're all very nice people, so if that's something that might interest you, come check us out at the link down there.

It was written that I would love you.
My best friend and writing partner is Ramona. I like her very much. My favorite Malaysian is Leen, we're very happily married, be jealous. My co-bros are the aforementioned Ramona and Erin, who I love to the moon and back. My Person is Fuzz, and she is all of the lovely things.

I love you like a love song, baby.
I am #y_slash elite. I am an awesome slasher. I am a straight up bro. I haven't got seventeen dicks. Boobs are cool. I am not. But I am blatantly hilarious and faintly egotistical, so there's that.