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making this entry so that the last one isn't the top thing on my journal. it's the only public thing in a while, too, so. there's that. um. i'm going to make this one public too so that it's not. that. yes.

i really don't have anything to make an entry about, and my alex has been telling me to sleep for the past hour or so, so i really should probably do that.

i wanted to work on my destiel but i get distracted too easily or i would've finished the other fic i was working on more quickly, and then i could've worked on the destiel. but now i'm too tired, i think. damn.

oh, well, there's tomorrow, i suppose.

fucking penultimate kicked my ass. thinking about working on that right now makes me a little nauseous. i think it's because propinquity was so easy, it just flowed, but penultimate's a bit more difficult, i think because i can't just do what i want with it. i want to make it ridiculously cherimon but i can't because it's already established in propinquity that it's not ridiculously cherimon.

sighsighsigh. writing is hard sometimes and i'm not used to that. it's always just come to me, the words i want to write, and all of a sudden it's not and that sort of scares me. maybe i should just suck it up and deal. i mean, not everything can be easy to write. i just don't want to hate penultimate by the time it's finished. that's why i've taken a break from it for a few days. i just really hope that i can get back to being excited about it, because i do love it, i just. ahh. frustrating when i can't do what i want.

whenever i think about penultimate for too long, i get a really bad headache. it's not fun.

okay, i think that's enough. it's seven in the morning and i'm sleepy and it's very warm and i'm not sure why because we're supposed to get snow soon, so. whatever.

good night. maybe i'll use this more, typing out my thoughts is fun even if i'm the only one bothering to read them. ^^;
Tags: did this entry have a point?, lucy is not interesting, unfinished, writer's block, writing
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