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These took me like three days to finish. There are 102 of them. Hopefully, at least one of them is in one of your fandoms. READ NOW, READ AND LIKE AND COMMENT IF YOU DON'T COMMENT I'LL BE SAD BECAUSE THESE TOOK ME FOREVER AND IN TOTAL ARE LIKE SIX THOUSAND WORDS OF THREE SENTENCE FICS.

So yeah hope you like and yeah. ♥

fandoms included: #y_slash, #y_slash_mansion, Glee, Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Monkees, The Voice, American Idol, Aladdin, One Direction, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Mighty Ducks, As Told By Ginger, Queer as Folk, Christin's friends, Merlin, and maybe one or two that I'm missing.

All of them three sentences. Probable misuse of commas.

If anyone wants a continuation of any of them, let me know and I'll at least try. :)

1. #dabsy for @DaniiDabsy

"Oh my god, you actually snuggled her face off," Ramona groans, caught between amusement and mortification as she stares at the now faceless fourteen year old in their kitchen.

"I didn't mean to!" Lucy exclaims, beginning to panic while trying to figure out a way to reattach Danii's face.

"It's really not that bad, you guys, I swear," Danii assures, and actually, she imagines life could be quite nice without a face.

2. #dirtypathogens for @dirtywhovian

"I don't know what I'd do without you sometimes," Alex admits, face presses against Erin's neck. "All the time, actually."

"Crash and burn, baby," Erin insists, and there's a smile on her face that's not going away anytime soon.

3. #lucex+soupernatural for @dirtywhovian

"This is so delicious," Alex groans in delight, shoveling another spoonful of soup into her mouth and ignoring Lucy's delighted laughter. "Everything right now, man, so delicious; I mean, I've got Dean, Cas, soup, and you."

Lucy flushes with pleased embarrassment, tossing a plastic spoon at Alex and telling her to shut up while the hot angel is talking.

4. #crzycascade for @MedusaCascade22

"I could teach you, you know," Perri whispers, beckoning for Craze to follow her into the bush. "Trust me, living with the gnomes is so much more fun than living in the mansion."

Craze thinks that sounds pretty rad, and takes Perri's hand as they both begin to shrink down, smiles bright.

5. #glitterkillsyou_ for @lizzykillsyou_

"I can't believe you're finally here. What took you so long?" Ramona asks, pouting at the younger girl.

Lizzy shakes her head with a smile, says "What does it matter now that I'm here?" and pulls her into a tight hug.

6. #glitter_blau for @preussenblau

"Beds are fun," Hannah whispers, pressing Ramona down against the mattress. "And for more than just jumping on."

Ramona swallows hard, closing her eyes as their lips meet and she becomes lost in her Hannah's everything.

7. #lamona for @preussenblau

"I love you," Lucy calls from the bottom bunk, smiling when she hears the expected "I love you, too," from her best friend.

"Wrote you a story," Lucy adds, and she can hear Ramona scramble above her, loud demands exiting her mouth.

It really doesn't get better than this, does it?

8. #dabsy for @CarlyCantDance

"I miss you when you aren't here," Danii whispers, leaning her head onto Lucy's shoulder. "And even when you are here."

"That's not even possible," Lucy laughs, but she knows exactly what Danii means.

9. #lamona for @CarlyCantDance

Lucy never notices how Ramona's hair looks when she's just woken up, sleep rumbled and adorable, nor does she ever notice how blue Ramona's eyes are when they're out in the sun, or how the other girl's smile lights up the room when she's happy.

And of course Lucy would never notice that Ramona's laugh is infectious, making the whole world smile with her, or that Ramona's singing voice can calm her instantly, or that Ramona's stupid jokes make her smile harder than anything else in the world.

So Lucy definitely wouldn't notice when Ramona starts noticing things about her too, or when Ramona keeps noticing, or when Ramona decides to screw waiting around for Lucy to notice things, and just kisses her, no, Lucy would definitely never notice something like that.

10. #lamonasaywhat for @CarlyCantDance

"Stop being sleepy, Leen," Lucy exclaims, snuggling the other girl fiercely. "We have to paint your nails!" and of course Kathleen gets up, because who can deny a Lucy and Ramona who want to paint strange designs on your fingernails?

Nobody, that's who.

11. #spleen for @CarlyCantDance

"Snugglesnuggle," Lucy murmurs, pulling Kathleen closer and smiling playfully at her. "I'm snugglesnuggling you."

"So I noticed," Kathleen replies with a sleepy smile, her words teasing, but she really doesn't mind.

12. #tehcrzyglitter for @CarlyCantDance

"You know," Ramona muses, leaning her head onto Craze's shoulder, "I don't think glitter can actually be crazy. I think it doesn't have a brain."

"Well, you're glittery and definitely crazy, so hush," Craze replies, and that's the end of that conversation.

13. #glitter_blau for @CarlyCantDance

"Dance with me," Hannah insists, and Ramona couldn't really say no, what kind of wife would that make her?

So they dance, and they dance, closer and closer, the room getting warmer and warmer, and their breath is mingling, and their lips are touching -

"Hey, guys, can I borrow - oh, fuck, sorry," and even with the apology, they could both happily murder Bobbin in that moment.

14. #glitter_blau for @dirtywhovian

"Hannah I missed you!" Ramona exclaims, throwing herself into her #hotgermangirl's arms.

"I missed you, too, but I'm back now, so stop being sad," Hannah orders, wrapping her arms around Ramona with a bright smile.

"Can't be sad when you're here," Ramona mumbles, and it's the truth.

15. #tehcrzyglitter for @dirtywhovian

"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?"

Craze actually ponders the question for a moment. "No," she decides with a smile, "you cute little weirdo."

16. #glitter_wind for @preussenblau

"Told you our lip rings wouldn't clash," Ramona whispers, both hands cupping Christin's face, "and you didn't believe me."

"I believed you," Christin assures, a soft smirk on her face. "I just wanted to do it anyway."

17. #peppermintblau for @preussenblau

"Do you want to kiss me?" Hannah asks in a low murmur, eyes dark as she looks into Christin's. The younger girl nods, slightly nervous but sure, and Hannah doesn't waste time, leaning in and connecting their lips.

It progresses quickly, and Lucy rolls her eyes from where she's playing tic-tac-toe with Erin, whispering, "I was wondering when they'd figure that out, was getting sick of all the longing glances."

18. #chrierra for @preussenblau

"Don't tell me to shut up, you shut up," Sierra protests, punching Christin's arm.

"Ow, that hurt," Christin whines, pouting at her, then smiling when Sierra, concerned, asks if she's alright.

Works every time.

19. #hannahhasahugecrushonalex for @preussenblau

"You're fucking amazing," Alex groans, leaning back to let her head rest in Hannah's lap. "How do you do it?"

"By getting inspiration from beautiful people like you, of course," Hannah replies before leaning down to kiss her.

20. #cascadeblau for @preussenblau

"I don't like that you're out with the gnomes all by yourself," Hannah says softly, stroking Perri's hair. "Come inside, you can stay in my bed."

She grins as Ramona mumbles that she has no protests, dragging the stammering, blushing Perri into the house.

21. #dabsy for @preussenblau

"I want you to be my first American lesbian kiss," Danii announces one day while she and Lucy are playing Sopio.

"Please?" she adds sheepishly as she sees the astounded look on Lucy's face.

Lucy just laughs quietly, still muffling giggles as she leans in.

22. Puck/Kurt for @CarlyCantDance

"Nobody gets to pick on you for being you, alright?" Puck asks, a strange intensity in his gaze. "I'm gonna be hanging around you a lot more to make sure that doesn't happen."

Kurt smiles, because, after all, it's really nice to have a protector, even if his ass is going to be very distracting.

23. girl!Charlie/girl!Tom for @CarlyCantDance

"I really don't think this fits me," Charlie mutters, wrinkling her nose as the brim of the large hat droops over her forehead.

"Shut up, you look gorgeous," Tom says softly, her gaze nearly reverent as she leans in to kiss Charlie on the nose.

Charlie's never felt more beautiful in her life.

24. girl!Alex/girl!Teoh for @CarlyCantDance

"Shut up, or someone's going to hear you, and I really don't feel like getting suspended again," Teoh bites down lightly at the crook of Alex's neck, and she lets out a whimper that makes the other girl smirk.

"Maybe you shouldn't be all over me, then," Alex snaps back as well as she can, but it's actually quite weak (which is totally understandable when this fucking gorgeous girl is pressing her against the wall.)

"Don't pretend like you don't like it, Day," the younger girl whispers, and is that her hand going up Alex's skirt and oh - oh - maybe she should just shut up, then.

25. #boyfriends for @DaniiDabsy

"I love you," Ben whispers in Tom's ear, soft, earnest, loud in the otherwise silence of the room. "I love you, I love you, I love you."

Tom doesn't think he's ever trusted someone so much.

26. #hexacoollike for @DaniiDabsy

Their hair colors make purple, but that'd be a really horrible reason to be a couple.

They're a couple because Charlie likes Tom's determination and wit, and Tom likes Charlie's dry humor and intelligence.

Well, that's the easy answer, and the easier one is that they both just like each other's everything.

27. #cooklike for @DaniiDabsy

Charlie's really not sure how this happened, actually.

"Ben," he mumbles, "Benbenben, you're drunk you're not - Oh," he gasps quietly, arching, and Ben might be drunk, but he still knows how to use his tongue.

"Shut up, Charlie," Ben mutters, and Charlie's inclined to agree.

28. Tom/Ed/Ben/Alex/Charlie(skies) for @tamzinrose

They're all in each other's laps, and it'd be hilarious if they weren't distracted by how hot the room's gotten.

Charlie's on the bottom, giggling as Ben and Tom trade kisses to his jawline, and Ed's working on the zipper to Charlie's jeans, grumbling about how they're too tight, and jesus, Charlie, how did you even get these on?

And then Alex Day is tilting his head back, pressing their lips together, and Charlie finds that even though he's kind of like what and huh and oh god, he doesn't mind, really.

29. charlieskies/food for @charlieskies

"Get in me," Charlie mutters, guiding the forkful of lasagna into his mouth. He groans happily as he chews, and when he swallows, it feels kind of like he's just eaten a friend.

He shrugs, takes another bite, and ignores the way Teoh's looking at him.

30. #cascadeblau for @MedusaCascade22

Hannah's sitting on Perri's lap, and neither of them knows how this happened.

Well, maybe they do; they both remember how they got here, into this position, but maybe not how they've managed how far they've come.

Hannah shrugs, because sometimes thinking is overrated, and leans down to kiss the Keeper of the Gnomes.

31. drunk!Clarksom for @tamzinrose

"You're so fucking overdramatic," Tom groans, stumbling a little in his attempt to press Dan against the wall. "Like you had to get me drunk to get me to want to sleep with you, don't be ridiculous."

"No, I just had to get me drunk to get up the courage and you getting drunk was just an amusing side affect," Dan sighs, tilting his head back against the wall as Tom begins to kiss his neck.

32. Bed for @MedusaCascade22

"Stop thinking, Ed," Ben whispers, one hand sliding down his chest. "You'll drive yourself crazy."

Except that here, with his hand down Ben Cook's trousers, Ed thinks he already might be.

33. Chino for @MedusaCascade22

"Mmm, shut up and suck."

Teoh does as he's told, because he's never been able to not when Charlie uses that voice, deep and dark and smoky.

He glares, he huffs, he pouts, but in the end, he knows he's just going to shut up and suck.

34. ~Chill for @MedusaCascade22

Charlie's always held his brother. He held him when he was a baby, and his cries were loud and irritating, and he held him when he was a toddler and fell down and skinned his knee, and Charlie held his brother when he got dumped by his first girlfriend, held him and stroked his hair and told him she was a stupid bitch anyway.

Charlie's always held his brother; he's just never held him like this before.

35. Willex for @MedusaCascade22

It's hard sometimes, being Charlie's little brother. It's hard most of the time, in fact, always knowing that people would prefer it if you were your older sibling.

He's pretty sure Alex wants him to be Charlie too, really, but he can't bring himself to care.

36. Nericook for @MedusaCascade22

Ben knows what Alex needs. He knows that Alex doesn't want to be loved by him, because being loved by him means that Alex could hurt him, and Alex never wants to hurt him, Ben knows that, and Alex never wants to be hurt, himself, which seems plausible because yeah, Ben's pretty sure Alex loves him, too.

But getting hurt isn't fun, and fucking is, so they'll have to settle for that.

37. #cooklike for @MedusaCascade22

Charlie doesn't do things like this, but the guy who interviewed them for Doctor Who Magazine is unfairly gorgeous, and he really never stood a chance.

Benjamin Cook doesn't really seem to care that Charlie doesn't usually do things like this, as he just releases a short snort of laughter, then presses his tongue back between Charlie's lips.

Charlie might have to reconsider the not doing this thing, or at least start making exceptions.

38. cookisnotonfire for @preussenblau

Dan's really pretty, and it's the first thing Ben notices about him.

He doesn't remember what the second thing he noticed was, but he does remember that the reason he doesn't remember is that he was too busy kissing the other man's face off to pay attention.

"You're beautiful, sorry, couldn't help myself," he murmurs, but from the look on Dan's face, he doesn't really mind.

39. Clarksom for @PeppermintWind

Making music is Tom's favorite thing, and Dan is Tom's favorite person, pretty frequently, so it fits that they go together so well.

"I love you," he says happily, spinning around in his chair as they finish editing another track.

Dan gives him a peculiar smile back, murmurs, "I love you, too," and leans back in his seat.

40. Phan for @PeppermintWind

"I think we've filmed enough for the day," Dan whispers, turning off Phil's camera.

"But we've only got - Oh - Oh - Okay..."

"That's what I thought."

41. #glitter_wind for @PeppermintWind

"Never wear pants," Ramona states bluntly, staring at Christin's legs, stretching out long and smooth from her shorts. "Please, just never ever wear pants."

"Around you? Why would I bother?" Christin laughs, pulling Ramona close.

42. #peppermintbread for @PeppermintWind

"I baked you a present," Lucy jokes, lifting the pan from the oven and setting it in front of Christin, the kitchen permeated with the smell of baking bread. "You can't eat it yet, though, it's way too hot."

"You are the cruelest human," Christin replies, staring hopelessly at her one true love, steaming on the counter.

43. Tom/Alex hurt/comfort involving hospitals for @tamzinrose

"Alex," Tom exclaims desperately, enfolding his friend in a hug as he reaches the end of the hallway, "Alex, what happened?"

"They don't know yet, nobody's telling me anything, what if he's not okay, Tom, what if he's not okay?" Alex chokes out, crumping into Tom's chest.

Tom just holds him close and soothes him the best he can, desperately hoping they get some news soon.

44. Harry/Draco for @PeppermintWind

"Shut up, Potter," Draco mumbles, but it sounds so much different when they're not shouting at each other from across classrooms.

"You shut up first, Malfoy," he breathes back, but he's exhausted and satisfied and fuck if he can muster up the energy to be defensive right now.

"Mm'okay," Draco replies, buring his face between Harry's shoulderblades, and Harry marvels at the fact that - well - he just won.

45. Fred/George for @PeppermintWind

"We don't have to be exactly the same all the fucking time," Fred growls, and George flinches back a little, because what, Fred and not even what I meant and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

"Sorry," he says softly, and he can practically hear Fred's angry wall come down, then his weary sigh.

"No, I'm sorry, you didn't even mean it like that," Fred admits, and George smiles, because they so are the same all the fucking time, ha.

46. Jack/Ten for @MedusaCascade22

Jack's never really been one for subtlety, and the Doctor's never really been one for denying an opportunity to learn.

"Do you really think we should-?"

"I definitely do," Jack cuts him off, and, well, how's the Doctor supposed to argue with that?

47. Jack/Eleven for @MedusaCascade22

"These regenerations of you get hotter and hotter." Jack stares at him, scanning his face as the Doctor squawks indignantly.

Soon enough, though, he's doing something completely different and much more pleasurable with his mouth.

48. Jack/Rory for @MedusaCascade22

"I've never seen this one before," Jack rumbles, pacing a slow circle around Rory ignoring the way Amy sputters, but can't hide the interested glint in her eye.

"I - I - I-" Rory stammers. How does he get himself into these things?

49. Jack/River for @MedusaCascade22

"You haven't been around in a while," Jack breathes, leaning in close to River and frowning as she laughs.

"Nice try, sweetie," she mutters, lightly patting the side of his face. "But you are nowhere near equipped to deal with me."

50. Ben Cook/David Tennant for @MedusaCascade22

'It's really really hard to not want to fuck Benjamin Cook,' David muses, only half-listening to the other man talk. He just oozes sex appeal, and even if David doesn't always swing that way, he's pretty sure he could make an exception for Ben Cook, with his smile and his laugh and his bedroom eyes and his ridiculous hair.

It's really hard to not want to fuck Ben Cook, and David's really kind of lazy sometimes.

51. Ben Cook/John Barrowman

It's a posed photo, obviously, but it's also John Barrowman and grabbing and Ben's not made of fucking stone okay, obviously he's going to get a hard-on, he's human.

From the look on Barrowman's face, though, he doesn't mind. He just smiles, presses a finger to his lips, and squeezes a little harder.

52. Liam/Louis for @preussenblau

Liam's totally crushable, so it's his own fault Louis has a completely heterosexual and unthreatening crush on him.

Seriously, though, how was Louis supposed to help himself when Liam's got those eyes and that face and that body and that everything?

The right answer, of course, is that he can't.

53. Phan/Kurt for @preussenblau

"So now you don't have to be the only out kid at this school, right?" Dan leans his head onto Phil's shoulder, their fingers linked as they give Kurt matching smiles.

For once, Kurt feels a weight on his shoulders lessen, and he couldn't stop grinning if he tried.

54. Phan/Klaine for @PeppermintWind

"You're adorable," Dan says frankly, practically cooing over the other couple at the table, "No, seriously, I've seen kittens that pale in comparison to you two."

"Well, thank you," Blaine laughs, exchanging a glance with Kurt and then with Dan's boyfriend, "But I think maybe you should take a look at yourselves."

Dan snorts, slapping Phil's shoulder absently, and this double date is going to be much more pleasant than he thought.

55. #glittercascadecantdance for @MedusaCascade22

"Hey - Hey, no, you guys - Hey, stop!" Carly exclaims, laughing madly as the other two girls tickle her without mercy. "No, no, please!"

"Hush, peon!" is Ramona's only response, and she and Perri exchange breathless grins before continuing their attack.

56. #spleen for @KathleenSayWhat

"Shh, I'll smudge," Lucy says quietly, finishing a long, smooth stroke over Kathleen's nail before blowing on it to dry it a bit faster. "Now, you can't touch anything until they're dry."

"You can still touch me, though, right?" Kathleen asks with a glint in her eye, and with a grin, Lucy assures her that that is still possible before proving it.

57. Lucy/happiness for @CarlyCantDance

"I'm so happy right now," Lucy announces, smiling down the table: Ramona and Hannah are discussing something in hushed whispers; Reili, Erin, and Alex are all crowded around the same book; Carly and Christin are exchanging details for the Phan plan (while Sierra is trying to see how many peas she can drop on Christin's head before she notices); Bobbin is texting fiercely; Philli and Nicole are making fake moustaches out of marshmallow fluff on each other's faces; Kathleen is napping next to her sandwich, which Danii is sneaking pieces off of; and Fuzz is next to her, here for a week before she has to catch her plane back to Denmark.

"Shipping me and happiness so hard," she mutters, and Charlieskies sticks his tongue out at her, making a comment about how of course she is, she's slutsby. Oh, yeah, how could she forget about him?

58. Sam/Dean for @ihopathogens

It's his brother, and it's wrong, and Dean doesn't want to stop, ever. Those are the only things he's sure of in the world.

Oh, and that the Impala will always be his favorite, that too.

59. Harry/Tom Riddle

Tom understands Harry, in a way that nobody ever has, not even Ron or Hermione. Tom gets Harry's mood swings, he gets Harry's temper, he gets Harry's reluctance to switch sides, and he even gets Harry's inability to choose which side of the bed to sleep on.

Yeah, Tom gets him.

60. Rory/Amy for @ihopathogens

So maybe Amy sometimes seems like she likes this strange man more than him, and maybe sometimes Amy hits him or shouts at him, and maybe sometimes Amy ignores him, which hurts even more.

But Rory loves her, and would do anything for her. And that's all that matters.

61. Doctor/Jethro for @ihopathogens

This boy is strange, the Doctor notes, cataloguing every detail of the plane within minutes. Strange and enticing, in the way he keeps giving the Doctor barely concealed glances and come hither looks.

Strange, but vaguely, or definitely enticing.

62. Arthur/Merlin for @ihopathogens

"You're such an idiot," Merlin mumbles, a good natured chastisement as he lifts Arthur's arm, and puts it around his shoulders and drags the prince out of the pub.

"M'lucky I have you, Merlin," Arthur replies with drunken affection.

Merlin's pretty sure it's actually the other way around.

63. Quinn/Rachel for @ihopathogens

Rachel's always wanted to be more like Quinn, look more like Quinn, be loved more like Quinn. She's never thought about being loved by Quinn, instead, because thoughts like that are stupid and pointless and just lead to heartbreak.

She is, for once, glad to be proved wrong as the blonde girl's arms wind around her shoulders.

64. Dean/Seamus for @ihopathogens

The attention's never on them, which is how they hide so well. It's the best thing about being in the same house and year as the Boy-Who-Lived; if you're not him or his sidekick, you get rather lost in the shuffle.

That's how they prefer it, though, Seamus thinks as Dean presses gentle kisses to his throat.

65. Harry/Fleur/Cedric/Viktor for @ihopathogens

Harry feels lost here, too young, too stupid, too naive in this tournament. He realizes after a while, though, that the others feel the same way, and are just looking for comfort any way they can get it.

He wasn't ever really expecting them to ask him if he wants to join, but it's not like he's going to say no, is it?

66. Jack/Ten for @PeppermintWind

"So, I see you've got another floozy," Jack murmurs in his ear before trailing his tongue up the shell of it.

"It's not - Jack - Stop it while I'm trying to talk to you," the Doctor fusses, frowning and pouting and generally being delectable.

"When have I ever stopped when you told me to?" Jack asks, honestly curious before deciding he doesn't care that much and crushing their lips together.

67. Captain Jack/Doctor/Doctor for @PeppermintWind

"Oh god, there's two of you, I'm suppressing so much right now," Jack says, glancing between them.

One Doctor gives him a smirk, the other a wide grin, and that's a fuckin' trip, man.

"Don't suppress, it's not good for you," the second Doctor whispers, and oh, Jack is definitely in trouble.

68. Cookleta for @flyingthesky

"Calm down, Arch," Cook says softly, patting the younger boy rhythmically on the back. "Deep breaths."

"I know," David coughs out, but it's still nice to have Cook there to tell him.

69. #dirtyflyingpathogens for @flyingthesky

"Reili, seriously, calm your tits," Erin says, nearly dragging the older girl away from the computer. "The fic can wait a day, and you need to sleep."

"For real," Alex agrees, grinning, then adding, "Besides, what we've got planned for you is so much more fun!"

70. Brian/Justin for @flyingthesky

"Get off me," Brian groans as he wakes up with a warm weight on his chest, "What have I told you about this cuddling shit?"

"That you secretly love it?" Justin mumbles, yawning and patting Brian's cheek. "That's what your eyes say, anyway."

71. Dean/Castiel for @sierrabostonino

"Are angels even allowed to be queer, Cas?" Dean breathes out roughly, brows drawn into a harsh line.

"I've already broken every other rule for you," is Cas's response, sweat dripping down the side of his face.

Dean licks it off and smiles.

72. PJ/Nick for @PeppermintWind

"Fuck me," PJ breathes, bent over the kitchen counter. "Come on, Nick, fuck me."

"What do you think I'm doing?" Nick grunts, and then he's finally inside.

73. Jack/Face of Boe for @MedusaCascade22

It's probably not weird that the best blow job Jack's ever gotten has been from someone who was almost entirely a mouth.

It's far more weird, though, that Jack looks into Boe's eyes and sees years, sees wisdom, sees himself in the depths.

In fact, it's too weird to handle, so Jack stops thinking and just lets it happen.

74. Sam/Frodo for @TehCrzy1

Sam watches the boat, eyes blank, or attempting to be. He's not skilled enough in hiding his emotions, never had to be, before now, and a hint of hurt, of loss seeps through.

It's hard to lose your best friend, and harder when you're in love with him.

75. Kurt/Puck for @TehCrzy1

"I didn't know you were-"

"I'm not, shut up," Puck pants, pressing Kurt's hips down again. "And stop bucking, seriously, what are you, a fucking horse?"

76. Amy/Rory for @TehCrzy1

"I've never been in love before," the Doctor says to him softly, watching him watch Amy. "What's it like?"

Rory watches her watch the Doctor, and gives him a sad smile, and a muttered, "It hurts."

77. Rory/Eleven

"I thought you wanted Amy," Rory gasps out against the Doctor's lips, and his return chuckle is so amused.

"Why on earth would you think that?" he murmurs, tugging Rory's lower lip with his teeth. "Girls have cooties, anyway."

78. Puck/Sam for @MedusaCascade22

Sam's the new kid around, and Puck's taken it upon himself to let him know what's what around here.

It's hard, though, to tell someone what's what when their tongue's down your throat, and Puck thinks maybe he gave Sam the wrong impression.

(By 'the wrong impression', he definitely means the right one.)

79. Blake/Carl for @CarlyCantDance

"Carl, why are you doing this?"

Blake's voice is quiet, and trembling, and scared, and for some reason, that doesn't please Carl the way it normally would.

He ponders for a moment, then decides on, "Because I want to," and kisses him again.

80. Ginger/Courtney for @CarlyCantDance

All Ginger wants is to be accepted. So when Courtney Gripling invites her to a party, she kind of has to go, despite the betrayed looks Dodie sends her before she leaves.

She's out of her element, so so out of her element, but as Courtney presses her down against the mattress in an otherwise empty room, Ginger feels more like she belongs than she ever has before.

81. Courtney/Miranda for @CarlyCantDance

Best friends are supposed to experiment with each other, it's a rite of passage or something, Miranda's sure.

Societal norms aside, Courtney has an unfairly talented tongue. Miranda just doesn't want to put it to waste.

82. robot!Erin/Alex for @ihopathogens

"I know you can't love me, but I'll always love you anyway," Alex promises, hand resting over Erin's cold heart. "You can't stop me, Crooks."

Erin can't feel real emotion, but she swears what just happened is close.

83. Legolas/Aragorn for @sierrabostonino

Legolas is proud, so proud of Aragorn, but he can't help resentment for what these accomplishments take from him. His friend is not as carefree as he used to be; now more proud, cautious, distant.

Legolas is proud, yes, but he is also ashamed, and weak, and lonely.

84. Cookleta for @carolionroars

Cook thinks David doesn't know what he wants.

The truth is that David's pretty sure he knows what he wants a lot more clearly than Cook does, or at least he's more willing to accept it, accept himself and his feelings and his want.

David knows that what he wants is wrong; the difference between him and Cook is that David just doesn't care.

85. Fred/George for @ihopathogens

"Finally found one!" Fred exclaims gleefully, holding George's hand next to his and pointing. "Look! You don't have that freckle!"

George sighs and picks up Fred's finger, moving it a little to the left and grinning when his twin curses and begins looking again for a difference that he won't find.

86. Fulton/Portman for @glitter_hippie

No one would expect it; that's what they like the most about what they're doing.

Fulton knows that everyone thinks the other two are banging, Charlie and Adam, knows that maybe they want to be, but they definitely aren't yet.

He knows the signs, he's pretty sure at least, as he shoots Portman a secretive smile and shoots off onto the ice.

87. Abu/Magic Carpet for @DaniiDabsy

Abu understands the Magic Carpet better than anyone else, hears what he says when nobody's bothering to pay attention, is gentle when he rides him, talks to him and smiles at him and makes sure he doesn't get dirty.

Abu cares about him, and Magic Carpet just wants to reciprocate in any way he can, and sure, maybe offering a quiet 'Tassels fit inside monkeys, you know,' wasn't the best way to do it, but it made Abu laugh, anyway, and that's a sign of happiness as far as Magic Carpet can tell.

88. #DaniiCantDance for @DaniiDabsy

"It's not that hard," Danii assures, taking Carly's hand and settling the other on her shoulder. "I'll lead."

Carly's perpetually amused by how literally people take her username, but dance lessons are dance lessons, and it's Danii, so she's sure this will prove more than pleasurable.

89. #glittercantdance for @glitter_hippie

Carly silently passes the tissues to Ramona, her own eyes leaking fiercely as she watches the ship finally sink underneath the water. Ramona blows her nose loudly, leaning into Carly's side and muttering, "Why do we do this to ourselves?"

"Because we suck," she replies, enfolding her friend into a hug.

90. #glitterkillsyou_ for @glitter_hippie

"There," Ramona whispers, swiping a thumb underneath Lizzy's lip to get the smudge of lipstick she accidentally made there. "Finished."

Lizzy absently thinks it's a shame her makeup's about to be completely ruined again as she pulls Ramona down on top of her.

91. #tehcrzyglitter for @glitter_hippie

"Remember what I was saying about thigh-touching with my mouth?" Ramona asks, voice throaty before both she and Craze burst into laughter.

"Oh god I'm sorry, I can't-"

"No, oh my gosh, I just," Ramona giggles to herself, "Oh god, okay, okay."

92. Louis/Harry for @glitter_hippie

"Baby, baby, baby," Louis groans, before muffling a snort as Harry's response is a cheeky "Ohhh?"

"Little twat," he mutters, burying his hand in curly hair and yanking Harry's head up to crush their lips together.

His little twat, though, of course.

93. Aiden/Niall for @glitter_hippie

"I like your accent," Aiden says, voice low and breath hot in Niall's ear, and the younger boy stammers before shutting up and tilting his head to the side as Aiden kisses his neck. Aiden presses against him and oh.

He can't really, you know, take credit for the accent, but it's got some perks all the same.

94. Niall/Zayn for @glitter_hippie

Maybe most people wouldn't expect it to be them. They'd expect Liam and Zayn, of course, or Harry and Louis (they're right to expect Harry and Louis, though, or at least Niall's pretty sure) but nobody expected him and Zayn.

Niall didn't even expect him and Zayn, he ponders as they lie next to each other, Zayn's snores a barely audible noise in the back of his mind.

But god, is he happy they happened.

95. Niall/Liam for @glitter_hippie

Liam is everything Niall's not. He's stern, and professional, and he doesn't make mistakes, and he's quiet and wise and he's lovely, but Niall's not any of those things and he wouldn't really want to be, anyway.

But Liam's also funny, and warm, and he loves, he loves better and harder than anyone else Niall's ever met.

More importantly, he loves Niall.

96. Draco/Ron for @glitter_hippie

"Draco," Ron says, and it's the first time he's called him that, he's pretty sure. "Draco."

It sounds so much better than 'Malfoy' coming from those lips, as do many other words, 'harder' and 'yes' and 'love'.

97. Ron/George/Fred

Fred and George make him feel better, when Percy's being a selfish prick, when his parents treat him like a kid, when Ginny's stolen all of Harry's attention and Hermione's just not paying attention, they make him feel like he's worth more than nothing.

It can't be wrong, even if it is, because nothing that makes him this happy could ever be wrong.

98. Niall/Ron for @glitter_hippie

The little Irish Hufflepuff is everything Ron wishes he could be, more or less. His year consists of him and four other blokes, all of whom are the dishy, tall, movie star type, and then little Niall Horan who gets overlooked but he's having so much fun living that he just doesn't care.

Horan smiles at everyone, but especially at Ron, and he can't quite figure out why, but they make his stomach flutter and he goes all warm 'round the ears and yeah maybe Niall isn't celebrity good looking like Styles or Payne but he's still pretty cute and wait what did Ron just think?

99. CeeLo Green/Adam Levine for @glitter_hippie

CeeLo gives the best hugs and dispenses them as he pleases, Adam discovers the first time he meets him. CeeLo envelopes him in a tight hug, and even though he's shorter than Adam, he's got a fucking tight grip, and he's warm and squooshy and that isn't even a word but if it was, it would be a synonym for CeeLo.

Adam thinks squooshy might be his new favorite (non)word.

100. Peter/Micky for @ShortyBlackwell

It's not that Peter loves Micky the most; he loves all his bandmates the same, of course he does. He loves Mike and he loves Davy and he loves Micky and he doesn't love any of them more than the others.

But when Micky smiles at him, it's like nothing he's ever felt before, and maybe he doesn't love Micky most, but he's pretty sure he loves him best.

101. Adam Lambert/David Cook for @flyingthesky

"So... You're a bottom," Adam states matter-of-factly, after they've both come, leaning over him on his elbows with a quirked eyebrow.

"You're quick on the uptake, aren't you?" Cook mutters, shifting and then wincing. "Considering your dick is still in my ass."

102. #crazy for @TehCrzy1

"I know, you know, Ramona and stuff," Lucy says quietly, fingers running through Craze's hair. "But I still like you, too, that's okay, right?"

Craze smiles, leaning up and telling Lucy without words that yeah, it's just fine.

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